From Salento to a whole World

South Italy, Salento.

It's from there that this adventure is started.


More then 900 concerts from the 2007 till today in Italy, Spain Portugal, France, Belgium, Switzerland, England, China, Tajikistan and Central Asia, Turkey, Tunisia and Maghreb, Argentina and Brazil.


Gianna Greco, after several collaborations with different projects (Shotgun Babies, Muffx, Ghost Hop, Mentaly Doof, Baye Fall, Opa Cupa, Giro di Banda,…), ravages her vocal cords into the pUTAN cLUB, an italian/french duo with François R. Cambuzat. From 2012 she is touring in Europe with Lydia Lunch's Putan Club, from 2014 she is a member of Trans-Aeolian Transmission and from 2015 of Machine Rouge with the french actor Denis Lavant, all this always with François R. Cambuzat.


Now she lives between Buenos Aires and Konya.


She hopes to carry on living in travel with music until her last breath.


An adventure all alone


Bass, computer, voices, words, rage, freedom.


This is Kama. An idea that takes his first breath from the need to feel free and independent.

Kama is an homage to the senses. Kama is a trip into lives, faces, moments.

What feeds Kama is a instinctive and deep hate against the State, against his barriers, cruelties and abuses of power, against his chauvinist mentality and his machist attitude.

Kama suffered and observed. Now she tells, unrolling her film and leafing through her memories.

Selective discography:


- Shotgun Babies, “Destroy Your Beauty”, 2008

- Shotgun Babies, “Riot On Sunset, Vol.16”, compilation 272 Records, Hollywood USA, 2009

- Shotgun Babies, “Symbiotic Trip”, 2009

- Shotgun Babies, "Under The Grind", compilation, M. A. Productions, Roma, 2010

- Shotgun Babies, “Denderah”, Officine Cantelmo, Lecce, 2010

- Shotgun Babies, "Rock With Mascara", Rock With Mascara, Emilia-Romagna, 2010

- Shotgun Babies, “Musichiamoli Tutti”, Arci Real, Bari, 2011

- Muffx, “Époque”, Ill Sun Records, Lecce, 2012

- Lydia Lunch’s Putan Club, «Don’t pressure the man with the knife », Un Jour Peut Etre, Paris, 2013

- pUTAN cLUB, "AMPMIX022", compilation Amplificasom, Porto, 2013

- pUTAN cLUB, "SAVE GAZA - Free artists for free Gaza", compilation, Italy, 2014

- Shotgun Babies, “Private Games”, Atypeek Records, France, 2015

- pUTAN cLUB, "Kaüzpellaplatz II", compilation Associação Terapêutica do Ruído, Lisboa, 2015


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